General Questions

It is Latin. It means "Where are we going?"

Of course not, but i think now it is a good time to acknowledge where these references come from:

Quo Vadimus is the name of the company the character Calvin Trager founded in the ABC show, "Sports Night".

Pied Piper and Hooli are from the amazing HBO show, "Silicon Valley". Check it out!

Wayne Enterprises is from the Batman and DC franchises.

Stark Industries is from the Iron Man and Marvel franchises.

Dunder Mifflin is the company from the NBC show, "The Office".

Entertainment 720 is a hilariously failed company from the NBC show, "Parks and Recreation".

Destiny Application

We love getting kudos, but it will only takes us so far. Tell us if any problems arise and we will immediately get to work on the issue. Log bugs here or tell us how we can make the app better by adding a feature request here.

Feature Request Tickets

Feature requests are implemented based on the results of the Features Voting Poll. Users, like you, can donate towards specific features. Once the donation goal is achieved, our engineers will get to work on that feature.

Go to the Features ticket page here and click on the button of the feature you would like to see added. From there, you will be guided through a donations form.

Note: You will need to have a credit card on file before donating towards a feature. You can add one in your profile, here

Bug Tickets

The main difference between voting for bugs and voting for features is that donations are not needed to get bugs fixed. Users have already donated towards a feature. If an implemented feature has a bug, users will not have to pay double to fix our mistake. Voting for a bug prioritizes which bugs will be worked on ASAP.

We agree and we want to fix all our bugs as quickly as possible. Our engineering team works around the clock to find more efficient processes and solutions to keep our customers happy.